Magic of Colour

During the confined times starting early 2020, I searched to work on something that could lift up my spirit when most of my classes was cancelled, business was quiet. I picked up one of my interests in developing a gold paint on glass and ceramics. From that pure curiosity and numerous experiments, I first came up with a set of gold and metallic watercolour pans for my artists friends to use. Then when the Chinese New Year in 2021 was approaching, I was ask frequently if I could make golden ink for Chinese calligraphy. After researches and experiments, the first batch of Imperial Gold Ink (皇金墨) was launched in early 2021, just before Chinese New Year.

During the times I was testing and mixing colours, I feel so relaxed and calm despite the future is still not very promising. I decided to put all colours I developed under the brand Hong Kong Colour Lab 香港色彩研究室 and share with everyone who wants to benefit from the magical therapeutic power of colour.