About Our Watercolour

Every Watercolour has been handcrafted carefully in our tiny studio in Hong Kong using the finest pigment and the most natural ingredients. Making the watercolour binder took a long time to perfect the recipe. To ensure the freshness of the binder, we only produce a small amount for each production.

When manufacturing handmade watercolours it is quite common that air bubbles or air pockets will be present. We already tried our best to shake out the bubbles before drying but in reality, it seems inevitable for handmade watercolours.

All of our Half Pans and Full Pans are dried and filled 2 to 3 times to ensure the maximum amount of paint in each pan, while Quarter Pans and Mega Pans are filled one time for cost effectiveness.

To accommodate the high humidity of Hong Kong, we use industrial drying cabinets to dry up the mixture completely and added anti-mold agents to avoid molds.

All watercolour pans come with a round magnet, magnets are very strong and may break if smashed on hard surfaces.

Each pigment has distinct characteristics. Some pigments tend to be thicker than others and some require more water for activation.

To get a thick consistency, add a few drops of water to the surface of dry watercolour for a minute or two and then go in a circle with your paint brush to get a thicker solution.

We currently sells watercolour sets online. Individual pans are sold in art markets only. Please inbox us via IG/FB @HKColourLab if you really need specific colour in pans.


Do not eat the paint and do not leave around small children and animals.